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Dates: 09/10 - 11/27

Total Duration: 12 weeks


Tiny Tumblers 5:00 - 6:00 pm

Rockin' Rollers 6:00 - 7:00 pm



Crazy Cartwheelers 5:30 - 6:30 pm


All tumbling classes: $150

Tumbling performance/costume fee: $50

Tiny TUMBLERS   Ages 4 and up
This tumbling class will be an introduction to the amazing things our bodies can do. It will be centered around fun, whole-group activities that will ensure a basic foundation for the skills any athlete would benefit from. Balance, coordination, flexibility, agility, strength, and body awareness will be taught through engaging activities and games.

Rockin’ Rollers   Ages 5 and up
These kids will have mastered the ability to listen and follow directions during class time. It’s time to get upside down with forward and backwards rolls! Cartwheel drills, headstands, bridges, and handstands start now. Balance, coordination, flexibility, agility, and strength will always be a focus during class time. Along with whole group activities, this class will also have more “skill based centers.” And, as always, we will have fun!

Crazy Cartwheels   Ages 5 and up
These kids have mastered the basic tumbling skills (forward and backward rolls on a flat mat, cartwheels, head and hand stands, a good bridge) and have shown they can support their body weight in multiple positions. They can land on their feet at all times, and they are aware of their body while they are upside down, side ways, backwards or forwards. And, they can focus on a given task (developmentally appropriate) without direct adult supervision. These kids will be working on specific skills that require spotting by me, and the awareness that they are not ready to do certain skills alone until given the okay by an instructor. These kids need to understand the importance of balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance, and be willing and able to spend class time working on these skills. This class is not all fun and games. It requires hard work and focus to learn the skills they want. Last term, with Denali Ballet Academy, we had a few kids ready to start back handsprings and side ariels! I’m excited to see what we achieve!!! We will always have fun and games added in!

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