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Katie Stainbrook and Bridget Borg have teamed up to provide kids in our community the chance to explore tumbling, gymnanstics and dance.  We both grew up with opportunties to explore our passions for movement and we want to share what we have learned with the next generation.  We have five young kids between our two families and we are both committed to creating opportunities for young children to exercise their bodies and creativity through movement. 

Our Studio is a genuinue Alaskan-style venture.  Grown out of our desire to provide our kids with opportunities in our own backyard, we provide quality instruction in any condition. Our kids may come to class by snowmachine, 4-wheeler, truck or SUV, but once they are in class and warm their toes, they are all eager to learn. Likewise, we balance a life of work, family, and everyday Alaskan life, but we look forward to the opportunity to teach your kids some new moves- and help shake off some cabin-fever!  

We look forward to seeing you in class!

A little bit about ourselves:

Katie Stainbrook

Katie started gymnastics at the age of 3 and was competing by the age of 6. When she was a sophmore in high school, Katie was the top-ranked all around level 10 gymnast in the state of Idaho. She traveled around the country throughout her career competing in many regional and national level competitions. After her senior year, she bagan coaching and led many young gymnasts to success. 






Bridget borg

Bridget delved into dance lessons early in life and began training in earnest in high school at Metropolitan Dance Alliance (MDA) in Minnesota.  Bridget's training includes classical ballet, tap, lyrical, jazz and hip hop. She danced competitively for four years and then pursued her love of dance through elective classes in ballet, modern, African and Asian dance in college.  In addition to more conventional dance courses, Bridget studied capoeira (an Afro-Brazilian martial arts/dance) during her collage years, and served as president of Omulu Capoeira at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Bridget's teaching career started in high school when she taught at MDA and continued in collage, where she taught creative movement and dance classes at YMCA Madison.  She has been collaborating with Kids in Motion starting in 2004.  She looks forward to offering dance classes for the community and fostering kids confidence, love of movement, and creativity.  


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